The staff at Salisbury District Hospital have been working hard to respond to the coronavirus pandemic and ensure the safety and quality of services for all patients.

Just like the rest of the NHS, their number one priority for the last few months has been ensuring that all those who need urgent care – not just those with coronavirus – have been able to get it when they need it:


  • The Emergency Department is open and has been open throughout the crisis.

  • Maternity services have continued, in fact 166 babies were born in April.

  • Urgent surgery and two-week wait referrals have also continued.


Combined with the need to avoid unnecessary contact to reduce the spread of the virus, this has meant that some non-urgent appointments and surgeries have been postponed, and others delivered differently using technology.  For example many outpatient appointments have been carried out through telephone or video calling people. Video consultations have increased to a total of 350 in April.

The hospital is now preparing to gradually increase some important face-to-face services, but only where this can be done safely – the virus is still circulating and no-one wants to put patients, the public or staff at greater risk.  Patients will be contacted as their services are reinstated.

If you need hospital services, the NHS is here to provide treatment for you. We want to reassure you that the hospital services are safe, with strict infection control and preventive measures in place, including clear, separate areas within A & E. 

This message is from the elected governors for South Wiltshire Rural -

Mr William Holmes, Sir Raymond Jack, Dr Jennifer Lisle, Dr James Robertson




Ros Russell - 07950 000942 (Publisher)

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