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We are sharing key information we receive on the local support available in our community from volunteers, charities and other local initiatives.  If you find anything missing or have more up to date information, please let us know – email us at or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub opens

We have set up a dedicated hub to support the most vulnerable residents during the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

The Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub is available to anyone who is struggling during this difficult time, such as people who are shielding or self-isolating and don’t have a support network around them or know where to get help.                                                                   


Our team can help provide support but also signpost people to where additional help is available in their local area – with hundreds of community groups set-up across the county providing invaluable assistance. 

***Emergency Relief Fund***

The Alice Combes Trust supported by The Lord Arundell of Wardour Charitable Trust are today launching an emergency food relief fund for residents of the following parishes: 

Tisbury, West Tisbury, Wardour, Donhead St Andrew, Donhead St Mary, Semley and Ansty 

The fund is limited and we will not be able to help everyone in financial need at this time.
We are aware of the help that the government is giving to people already receiving benefits, the help the utility companies are providing and the support for employers to pay their employees during the lockdown.
We are also aware of a significant impact on the self employed in our community whose work has stopped and who may not receive any help until June or until they can get access to the benefits system.  This may well have affected the overall household income making things difficult. 

We are also aware of the amazing on-going effort by our neighbours and organised volunteers across all of our communities for helping those across all of the communities we support who are vulnerable and isolated. 

There may well be many other situations that we are not aware of.
What we have will be distributed through an arrangement we have made with the following local shops/suppliers:
Family Meat Packs, Vegan & Vegetarian Packs - (Downers, Tisbury High Street) & (Bob Palmer)
Wiltshire Game Tisbury Station Yard
Fishmongers - Tisbury High Street 

The fund is not huge and so we need to get this to those most urgently in need and therefore we need anyone wanting to access this fund to complete a simple online application (that takes less than three minutes to complete) that will assist us to prioritise. 

We want this to happen in days and not weeks. 

Please spread the word to your contacts and neighbours who may not be on the internet or have no access to Facebook. They can call us 01747 871258.

APPLY NOW : Just click on the link below:
If anyone would like to support this initiative by donating to the fund please email us on

Who are we?
Alice Combes Trust is a registered charity - 214218.
It has been helping the people of Tisbury since 1545!  It also has two other trust funds which supports community groups and an Education Fund for Young people under 25 . We are restricted to supporting people inTisbury and West Tisbury.
If you would like more information then please write to us at or call Sean Moran, Secretary, on 01747 871258

Lord Arundell of Wardour Charitable Trust is a registered charity - 201658 supporting the people of Tisbury, West Tisbury, Wardour, Donhead St Andrew, Donhead St Mary, Semley and Ansty since 1945. 

Contact Pam Chave, Secretary, for more details on 01747 871838

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