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This site has been set up by the Focus Magazine volunteer team in response to COVID-19, to share locally relevant information that we would normally provide in print for our Tisbury area community (Wiltshire, UK). We appreciate that some of our regular readers may not go online, so we rely on you to pick up the phone and spread the word.


We hope to return to our normal print format as soon as possible and trust that our normal subscribers, advertisers and readers bear with us whilst we work out how best to support the community in these extraordinary circumstances.

We are posting notices about support available locally and village services information. These are simply what we have seen shared on public messaging sites or received in the Editor’s inbox. We provide an update date for each item as a guide – but as situations are always changing, we encourage you to follow the contact information to check for current details.

Focus Magazine is developed by our local community, for our local community – if you have contributions or suggestions on what more we can do in support of our Tisbury area community in these difficult times, please let us know: just email the Editor at focustisbury@gmail.com or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Ros Russell - 07950 000942 (Publisher)

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